Our concept

Comprehensive treatments in accordance with the latest scientific findings

We are a team of experienced specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems regarding the peripheral nervous system, as well as many other reconstructive procedures for the functional restoration of motor function, sensitivity and the lymph system

Our comprehensive treatment concept is based on the knowledge and more than 40 years of experience of Prof. Hanno Millesi. As a pioneer in this field, he has brought all his clinical and scientific knowledge together into a highly progressive and extensive treatment concept.

This concept has been continuously developedfurther within the team, adding new operation methods and strategies, and alongside microsurgeryonperipheralnerves it also includes a wide range of reconstructiveoperations with the aimof functional improvement and reduction of pain for patients.

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The aim of our comprehensive treatment concept

The aim of our comprehensive treatment concept is to maximise the functional restoration of our patients and to minimise their suffering.

We help our patients to make use of their natural potential for a maximum restoration of function, despite difficult, painful and sometimes severe functional disorders. For this purpose, we provide highly qualified specialists in diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation.

Extensive diagnosis and treatment advice

A detailed anamnesis and a clinical examination provide us with the most important initial findings for diagnosing your peripheral nerve problem. If necessary, we carry out electrophysiological examinations.

In addition, alongside imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance examinations, we use high-resolution ultrasound examinations for the dynamic assessment of nerve problems. We fully assess your nerve problems immediately during your first visit.

This allows us to present you with suitable treatment options quickly and to discuss the individual treatment steps in detail with you.

For reconstructive measures, we analyse the given “problem”, develop a treatment strategy and provide you with comprehensive support throughout.

In the field of reconstructive lymph surgery, we can offer you additional diagnostic methods alongside a detailed clinical examination, such as high-resolution ultrasounds, to ensure the customised surgical remediation of your lymph drainage disorder. 

As part of our comprehensive treatment concept, specialists in physiotherapy and rehabilitation are also available during your postoperative convalescence phase.

Should an operation be necessary, the individual steps are planned in detail and carried out by us with the utmost care. Of course, we provide you with detailed and clear explanations of all operation measures beforehand.

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Microsurgical and super-microsurgical techniques

Our operations make use of microsurgical and super-microsurgical techniques, which means that we also work with size diameters of under 1 mm. In addition, in accordance with individual necessity, we use restorative, reconstructive or palliative operational procedures to improve global function.

If it is possible, we try to achieve the original condition and/or to reduce your pain.