Restorative & Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgeries

The Importance of Reconstructive and Restorative Surgery for Final Functional Improvement?

For patients suffering from a severe peripheral nerve lesion (e.g. brachial plexus lesion) it may be impossible to exploit regenerated muscles for useful function. In some cases the most important muscles do not show functional useful recovery. Moreover, regenerated muscles may not regain sufficient strength for useful function. Contractures and/or misbalance of muscle power acting on a joint may develop.

No doubt this pathology implies a wide field for reconstructive and restorative surgery for significant further improvement. Reconstructive and restorative surgery is part of our comprehensive treatment, planned individually and carried out systematically. Using multiple muscle-tendon transfers developed at the Millesi Center we provide significant improvement of global function.

Chains of movements of the extremities are created helping patients to move their limbs in space and allowing them to use the previously paralysed extremity for daily life activities.